My name is Jimmy Dietzen and I am an award winning freelance Group Creative Director. Over the years I have spent some amazing years at Havas, DDB, Leo Burnett, BBDO and Cramer-Krasselt. I suppose I could insert all kinds of adjectives here to help you understand what kind of person I am and why I love working in advertising, but really, the most important thing you can learn about me here is that I love to create, and I thrive while working with other amazingly creative people who keep me thinking. My work (all of which was part of an amazing team effort) has won at nearly every major award show, including Cannes, D&AD, LIAs, The One Show, New York Festivals and The Effies among others.
Before I was in advertising, I toured the country in a white 15-person van and played hundreds and hundreds of rock shows. We recently reunited and it was one of the most fun experiences I've had in a long time.
In my spare time I enjoy watching basketball, writing, songwriting, recording in my home studio and teaching my daughter and baby boy the simple joys of life. (That last one is the best one.)
I hope my work can speak for itself, and if you'd like to speak with me I'd love to speak with you!
Thanks for visiting!
P.S. Someone told me to find a cool picture of myself to add. I don't look cool often so it was either this or me holding a fish, which I've heard is pretty cool too.
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